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Mix. Sip. Glow.

Cocoa Advanced Marine Collagen (Pack of 2)

Flavour: Chocolate

Clinically tested, 100% pure marine collagen peptide proteins with 7 potent beauty ingredients.

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How to use?

-Mix 1 scoop with 100ml water or milk
-Add it your tea/coffee
-Bake it into your favourite treats


<li> Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen for -
Keeps skin youthful and battles the signs of aging,</li>
<li> Glutathione -Powerful anti-oxidant for skin brightening and luminosity. Works by inhibiting tyrosinase activity which is responsible for melanin synthesis that gives dull coloration to the skin,</li>
<li> Hyaluronic Acid - Keeps skin glowing and hydrated by retaining moisture, promotes hair sheen and lustre,</li>
<li> Biotin- Essential vitamins for Keratin synthesis which promotes hair strength and growth,</li>
<li> Vitamin C - Lightens pigmentation and keeps skin even toned, promotes collagen synthesis,</li>
<li> Vitamin E- Has host of anti-aging benefits, reduces fine-lines and wrinkles,</li>
<li> Inulin- Dietary fibers which promote skin softness and plumpness.,</li>


Collagen makes 75% of the proteins found in the skin, after the age of 24 collagen production reduces by 1.5%/year leading to visible skin-aging, this can be prevented with collagen supplementation. Beautywise uses clinically tested, 100% pure marine collagen peptide proteins with 7 potent beauty ingredients, 21 amino acids and 8/9 essential amino acids.
Battle signs of ageing – Fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, visible pores and scars, stretch marks, dry skin, skin sagging, sun damage, pollution damage, hair fall, hair thinning and nail chipping. Rejuvenates skin - making it more elastic, radiant & plump. Added goodness of super antioxidant Glutathione for skin brightening. Renewed hair sheen and luster, better skin moisture retention. With added goodness of Biotin and Hyaluronic Acid.
Delicious premium flavouring, easy to dissolve and readily absorbed by the body. Maximum absorption of collagen in the first 10 mins of consumption.

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Why choose Advanced Collagen Proteins?

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What’s Inside?

7 Beauty Ingredients

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
"Yummiest Flavour. A Great Buy"

This is the yummiest flavour just like fresh lime water with a hint of berries. Its make my skin look well rested and more hydrated in two weeks. Its a great buy!

"Best "

Have it in coffee or chocolate milk .. you will thank me because its so delicious . Hair quality is better in less than a month

Hemlata Mhatre
"Excellent energy drink"

Taste yum, sugarfree , blueberry flavour is delicious. Go for it.

Jasica Hazel
"Taste is very good"

Yumm it is and vegan collagen also nice.

"Best nutrition"

Great skin starts from great nutrition... Also, the best about it is that it tastes amazing! ????????????

What's in a Scoop?

Reset the clock and take control of your aging process. Advanced Collagen Powder is packed with ingredients like Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides, Glutathione & Biotin. It improves your skin and hair simultaneously. Designed to boost collagen levels, improve skin elasticity and lock in moisture, leaving you with that luminous, youthful radiance.

Rebuilds & Strengthens Collagen Matrix

A single serving of Beautywise Advanced Collagen Powder is designed to give you that glow from within by boosting, rebuilding and strengthening your collagen matrix. This leads to radiant supple skin with better moisture retention.

Reduced Hairfall & Fewer Greys

Beautywise Advanced Collagen acts as an antioxidant that fights free radicals and prevent hair damage. It protects the scalp which contains hair follicles preventing hair loss and thinning.

Antioxidant Rich

Beautywise Advanced Collagen has shown to improve skin elasticity, hydration and texture. It also helps reduce under-eye dark circles, skin dullness, wrinkles, pigmentation spots and pore size.

  • Take one scoop of Advanced Protein Powder

  • Mix it in 150ml-200ml glass of water

  • Consume daily for atleast 3 months to see visible results

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