Fashion Week – Collagen Station

Fashion Week – Collagen Station

During India Fashion Week last year, Beautywise team went backstage introducing the product to the fashion fraternity that included the show directors, models, designers, make-up artists and everyone involved in the magic of it all. We were looking for a genuine response from a place and a profession where maintaining healthy skin, hair, nails and beauty is the most important of their job. For the best experience, we infused Beautywise collagen in cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolate which was an instant hit.

People were intrigued with the idea of ‘beauty coffee’ and initiated interactive sessions with the Beautywise team discussing and understanding Beautywise benefits and ingredients. This was a major success and the positive response towards the product gave us the motivation to keep creating these experiences for anyone who’s curious to discover not just the benefits but also the science behind the collagen.

Venue: India Fashion Week

Date: 02-02-2020


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