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Not just your regular protein

Apple All-in-one Collagen Proteins

Flavour: Apple

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Collagen with plant protein, superfoods, antioxidants, multivitamins & minerals for all our needs.

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How to consume?

-Measure one scoop
-Blend in 100ml milk or water
-To be consumed on empty stomach, in the morning, evening snack or post workout


<li> Beauty - Hydrolized Marine Collagen, Biotin, Grape Seed, Aloe Vera</li>
<li>Muscle Recovery – Pea Protein Isolate, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin E</li>
<li>Joint Health - Glucosamine HCl, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3</li>
<li>Immunity - Hibiscus Flower, Zinc, Vitamin C </li></ul>


Beautywise TMALL-IN ONE COLLAGEN PROTEINS is a comprehensive solution with all essential amino acids for Beauty, Muscle Recovery, Immunity and Joint Health. It contains Marine Collagen, Pea Plant Proteins, Biotin, Glucosamine, Grape seeds, Aloe Vera, Hibiscus Flower, Anti-Oxidants, Vitamins and Minerals which make it the perfect companion to support you in your wellness journey.

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Why Choose All-In-One Collagen?

What's in a Scoop?

With Beautywise All-In-One Collagen you get the Highest Grade Collagen and Pea Proteins along with super ingredients such as Glucasomine and Biotin,

Improve Skin Elasticity for Radiant Skin

A single serving of Beautywise All-In-One Collagen Powder is designed to give you that glow from within by boosting collagen levels, improving skin elasticity and locking in moisture for that luminous youthful radiance. That is why we call it the best collagen for glowing skin.

Vital for Joint & Bone Health

This All-In-One Collagen is scientifically-developed for active adults to improve mobility. It helps lubricate joints & cartilages, alleviates joint pain and ensures bone health and flexibility.

Immunity Booster

Give your immune system a much-needed jolt of essential nutrients with our All-In-One Collagen. It has powerful anti-oxidants that strengthen the immune system. It stimulates immunity cells and reduces oxidative stress.

  • Take one scoop of All-In-One Protein Powder

  • Mix it in 200ml glass of water

  • Consume daily for atleast 2-3 months to see visible results

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What's inside?

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
"Like smoothie! "

Beauty supplement without any calories and fat. I have this in the evening when After my workout

Anita Pusadkar
"Yummy "

The flavour is very yummy. Smells really nice, and I am always tempted to go back and have more of it . It has also shown the desired results and I would love to order it again

Suraj Meshram
"Results are visible "

Very good for collagen improvement in your body.. Visible results bit have to intake already for 3 months for full visible results.. Will be going to get one more box..

Akshay Ghoradkar
Good one to try

Bought this two weeks ago after seeing good reviews. First off, it's a collagen powder. It doesn't have any sugar. It has a different taste like one of those dispersible tablets combined with rose powder taste (color and smell too). I've been using just one spoon (5 g, I guess) in 200 ml water daily after my lunch. S Yet to see any discernible results (My skin, as it is, has never been acne or pimple-prone). Just relishing the feel-good factor, as of now. Let's see long term results

Rishabh Samundre
"Beautywise All In One Collagen Proteins - Apple"

My skin feels soooo much better after using this product for around 1 week. And Im even feeling better less stressed which is showing in my skin. Its just a complete formula . Very happy with the purchase

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